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Dogs are a huge part of our lives as humans, especially if you’re a paw parent. The amount of time, effort, and care that we allot for them is really no joke. We treat them as part of the family, and more often than not, see them as our very own children. Indeed, dogs hold a great deal of value for their humans. But when it comes to monetary value, not all dogs are created equal, because some of them require a fortune to own. Here are some of the most expensive dog breeds for the wealthy dog owner:


Afghan Hound – $7,000

Originating from the mountains of Afghanistan, this dog breed is regarded as one of the most beautiful ones because of its silky long coat and overall attractive look. With their hair growing longer than most breeds, they require daily brushing and more frequent bathing and grooming, which also entails added cost.


expensive dog breeds Afghan Hound
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Canadian Eskimo – $8,750

Also considered as one of the rarest breeds in the world, the Canadian Eskimo originally came from Siberia and was first brought to North America roughly 1,000 years ago. Being a rare dog breed, they’re also facing the threat of extinction, with only 300 of them remaining based on 2018 data. That being said, they’re quite expensive to purchase and will cost you almost 9 grand.


most expensive dog breeds canadian eskimo dog
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Rottweiler – $9,000

Most people would find it surprising to have this breed on the list, especially that it’s one of the more commonly owned pets by many in the United States. Most Rottweilers aren’t expensive to buy, but their maintenance and care are what drive their overall value off the roof. They’re quite sensitive in terms of health and require very frequent visits to the vet racking up more costs than you would usually pay for a doggo.


most expensive dog breeds rottweiler
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Tibetan Mastiff – $10,000

As suggested by its name, this doggo originally came from Tibet and is one of the biggest dog breeds there is in the world. It can grow up to 150 pounds, which is why they were originally owned to protect sheep and other livestock. While they are generally healthy, they’re very prone to hereditary health issues, which also incur additional expenses for dog owners.


Red Tibetan Mastiff
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Chow Chow – $11,000

The Chow Chow is also among the list of the rarest dog breeds in the world. It originally came from Northern China and has a life expectancy of 8-12 years. They are expensive to buy to begin with, but the cost doesn’t stop there. Chow Chows can get pretty big and are stubborn in nature so you would need to spend a few more grand for food, trips to the vet, treats, and some prevalent health issues.


expensive dog breed chow chow
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Lowchen – $12,000

Just like the Canadian Eskimo, Lowchens are also diminishing in numbers. It used to be the rarest dog breed in the world with a recorded number of only 65 of them remaining on the planet back in 1973. Fortunately, this number has gone up since then. They are also outgoing and healthy dogs so you won’t need to spend more bucks for health issues. However, its rarity still drives up the cost of getting one.


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Samoyed – $14,000

Finally, hailed as the most expensive dog breed in the world, the Samoyed originates from Siberia and is well-loved by many because of its beautiful coat and adorable resting facial expression. This rare breed carries a pleasant disposition and is generally loving and kind. Its selling price is quite up there, and the cost of maintaining them can also reach up to $5,000 with their susceptibility to expensive health issues.


most expensive dog breeds samoyed
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Owning dogs, regardless of any breed, entails several costs. But whether you choose to buy one of the most expensive dog breeds or adopt from a shelter, the most important thing to consider is the dog’s compatibility with your personality, and your capability as a dog owner to provide for its needs.

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