During this Pawliday season, Mugsy, our primary character, would like to watch Hallmark movies with you. Mugsy, 11 years old, enjoys taking afternoon naps and nighttime strolls. He is diminutive and stout, housebroken, amusing, low-maintenance, and very kind with rewards. When you meet Mugsy and see him waddle over to you as quickly as he can, you’ll understand he’s the only person you need. This little nut would thrive best as a solitary pet. ❤️

With “25 Dogs of Christmas,” we’re spreading holiday cheer to you this month by highlighting one dog from our Rescue Center each day who needs a temporary foster home or a permanent home for the season.🌟


Please submit an application to foster (or adopt!) Mugsy and other dogs at nycscr.org.

The fact that, despite how much we adore our Rescue Center, nothing compares to home.


Source: Tap into Madison

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