dog and music organ

Play that Funky Music For Your Dogs: ‘80s Songs Edition

February 24, 2021

Sometimes, relaxing music for dogs is also needed to somehow help them calm down when their days get too overwhelming. And with relaxing music, we don’t only mean the usual instrumental lullabies we play to help them drift off (although these can count as well) – these can also be upbeat and cheerful. In this…

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I Got You A Present: Best Dog Gifts For Any Occasion

February 26, 2021

There is pretty much a wide array of the best dog gifts out there that we can give our pets to make them happy and motivated. As fur parents, we know that it doesn’t have to be a special occasion or a holiday for our beloved dogs to receive gifts – we can give them…

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9 of the Coolest Dogs in Books and Comics

Dogs are everywhere and we love them, so it’s no surprise that the vast and ever-expanding world of fiction just has dogs in it. Some as companions to heroes, powerful beasts, majestic creatures, and others are even the star of their own stories. Here are a few books and comics you can find in stores…

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7 of the Most Interesting Dogs in History

History is full of stories, from horrendous tragedies, to the most hilarious circumstances. Throughout mankind’s history dogs have been a part of that history, from the early days of domestication to the modern days of pets. Dogs have been our companions from hunting days to the present day. So it’s no wonder that dogs have…

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Dog Health 101: How to Keep Your Pets in Top Shape

All responsible dog owners want to know how to keep their dogs the healthiest they can be. Like humans, dogs are also prone to get various diseases. Each dog breed is different and has its own health issues.   While there is no absolute way to keep them from getting sick, we have created a…

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Dogs are Smart — But How Smart Are They?

Dogs are some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, capable of recognizing patterns, commands, sounds, and more. They have a grasp on empathy and are capable of sensing danger as well as aiding people in danger. We know they’re smart, but do we really know how smart? Today we dive deep into the…

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Dog Day Out: 21 Spots and Dog Parks to Visit in NYC

March 2, 2021

Now that cities are beginning to ease up on travel restrictions, and it looks as if things are slowly getting back to usual, here’s a city guide for you and your four-legged friend you might be interested in. New York City — one of the busiest places in the world. But if the droves of…