The majority of people only encounter optical illusions via visual media. However, Imogen Carr is accustomed to seeing at least one active optical illusion in her living room each day. And everyone is straining to figure out what or whom she is genuinely staring at.

In what she affectionately calls the “Labrador Cuddle Puddle,” Carr’s enormous pack of black Labs often pile on top of each other before settling in for a snooze.


“They just really love to snuggle,” Carr said in a TikTok.

There are typically a few recognizable snouts peeking out from the cuddling puddle, but not all eight of Carr’s puppies are visible.



Carr enjoys creating the cuddling puddle into a game for other people to weigh in on as much as she enjoys diving to the bottom of the puddle herself.

Carr challenges her fans to estimate how many Labradors are in the pile in one of her TikTok videos.


The pile initially appears to be made up of three puppies that are all huddled together. But as Carr approaches the cuddling puddle, Sway, the fourth, hidden face, emerges.

“It’s almost always Sway,” Carr said in a different TikTok.



In another video, Carr displays a brand-new snuggle puddle that includes several cocker spaniels and black Labrador retrievers.

Although Carr hasn’t yet been able to get a picture of the dogs cuddling, she has shared with her followers how the pile normally begins.

@icy_academy_cosplay Replying to @Autistic Turtle makes me so happy that these weirdos are making you happy 🥰 #dog #dogsoftiktok #dogs #labrador #labradorarmchair #labradorfurniture #icyaddicts ♬ original sound – Imogen Carr

“Sway will go and get comfy, she’ll go lay down, then one-by-one the others will just pile on top,” Carr said on TikTok. “I swear it happens when I blink.”

Sway enjoys being last in the hierarchy, but she’s not the only one. Other dogs will occasionally start the snuggle puddle and end up in the center, like Rogue.

@icy_academy_cosplay Replying to @BalerionB what about the not so secret labrador 🤣 #dog #dogs #labradorcuddlepuddle #dogsoftiktok #labradorfurniture #noisydog #snoringdog #icyaddicts ♬ original sound – Imogen Carr

It can appear like they are uncomfortable because there is typically at least one dog hidden deep inside the snuggle puddle. Even though there are other beds and couches available, Carr reveals to her followers that the Labs prefer to sleep in this position.

Whatever the setup, it’s obvious that the cute puppies enjoy their snuggle puddle as much as Carr’s admirers like deciphering their optical illusion.



It’s hard to predict who will be in the puddle tomorrow, but one thing is for certain: viewers of “Labrador Cuddle Puddle TikTok” will be eagerly awaiting the solution.

The Labs will continue showing each other their affection one cuddle puddle at a time in the meanwhile.


Source: The Dodo


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