An exercise is also a form of therapy for your furry pals, helping to address behavioral problems and maintain a healthy digestive system. Here are some entertaining dog games and workouts for both indoors and outdoors.

Want your dog to be happy and healthy? The best approach to maintain their fitness and improve their mental health is through exercise. All types and ages of dogs require some form of exercise. After speaking with their trainers, you could select an appropriate exercise routine for your furry friend based on their particular needs.


An exercise is also a form of therapy for your furry pals, helping to address behavioral problems and maintain a healthy digestive system. While dogs love to go on walks, they also benefit greatly from various types of training and exercise that are essential for their growth.

According to Dr. Ajay Satbige, Senior Veterinary Officer, “Dogs need to get enough exercise (mental & physical) to prevent anxiety disorders, laziness, and obesity, as well as release all that pent-up energy. We’ve listed down a few games and exercises that you can play with your pet to give them plenty of exercises and keep them entertained and fit!”

Dr. Ajay Satbige, Senior Veterinary Officer, and Kushal Chipkar, Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist, at Wiggles, have provided a fun set of exercises for your pet child if they are not showing much interest in exercising.




* Playing a game of tug-of-war with your pet can help you manage your dog’s aggression. A toy can be purchased online or made at home with old towels or clothing. If the dog’s fangs ever come in contact with your hand while you’re playing the game, stop right away and tell them that you didn’t like that.

* You can also create an obstacle course out of common items. We have all witnessed the Instagram canines dodging an army of bottles, climbing under barricades and scotch tape, and leaping over toilet paper and books. This game will unclog your dog’s brain clogs completely.


* Playing hide-and-seek with food rewards can be a very exciting activity for the dogs’ sensing abilities. Ask your dog to stay while you remove some of their favorite treats or vegetables (cut them into tiny pieces). Tell them to get the snack while keeping the treat out of their line of sight. Once they do, be sure to shower them with love and admiration so they will know what to do. You can start concealing it in more challenging locations and watch your clever dog find it.

* Bubble chasing is an additional workout you can try. All you need is a bottle, wand, water, and pet-safe detergent. Blow a couple of bubbles and see if it gets their attention. If not, you should try popping the bubbles for yourself to give the game’s most accurate explanation. As soon as your dog understands the objective of the game, both the dogs and their pet parents will find it to be a lot of fun. To avoid any residual moisture, be sure to wipe their faces after playing.


Outdoor Games


* Making children pay attention to you in the presence of distractions is another way to practice obedience. You can start at home, gradually add distractions outside, and give the dog goodies when they comply with your commands. It is mentally demanding and promotes friendship.

* If you’d like, you can teach your dog agility in addition to indoor obstacle training. Both of you will feel accomplished if you work together to overcome challenging difficulties.


* In addition to camping outings, you can take them on long walks and treks. Make sure they are up to date on their tick and flea medicines, and educate yourself on which outside plants are safe and harmful for pets.

* Swimming is another fantastic form of exercise for dogs. If you have access to a dog-friendly pool, make it exciting for them by tossing treats into the water and having them collect them. If you live close to a beach, you might also take them there so they can enjoy the water. Once you go back home, properly clean them and make sure moisture is not trapped in their fur. It is better to play indoor games with them during the rainy season as there are several hazards of illnesses and ailments.


Playtime with your dog is important since it will help them get to know you better and be more receptive to your commands.

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