Dogs from Florida who were homeless after Hurricane Ian are being sheltered at the SPCA in Cincinnati.

After Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, rescue, and relief operations are still ongoing. Due to a storm, not only humans are being displaced, but pets are also being abandoned.


Even some pets got separated from their families.

By taking certain canines for shelter from the crisis zones, the SPCA in Cincinnati is supporting its partners in the south. That will free up space for those shelters to take in displaced pets in the hopes of reuniting those animals with their owners.



“Being a partner with them [Humane Society of the United States] is something we’re proud of” explains Nyketa Gaffney with SPCA Cincinnati, “If we can assist and help with natural disasters that’s absolutely what we do. We’ve done it since Hurricane Katrina.”

Dog adoptions are only $5 right now through October 2.


“The mission of saving animal lives in our community is ongoing,” says Gaffney. “There’s a constant need to rescue animals that are displaced or homeless or animals that need medical treatment. This goes toward that lifesaving mission that we work on here every single day at the SPCA Cincinnati.”

In October, a fundraiser dubbed Tails on the Trails will be held to raise money for running the shelter. A walk is being held to benefit SPCA Cincinnati.



“We encourage you to bring your dog,” says Gaffney. “Along that walk, you will see storyboards to understand what’s happening not only at our shelter but with pets that have been adopted or pets that still need adoption so you can have that feeling of understanding why we do what we do and why we walk.”

On October 15, the event will begin at 9 a.m. at the Cleves SPCA farm. 8715 Hamilton Cleves Pike Road, Cleves, Ohio, is the address.



Registration opens at 9 a.m. and the walk begins at 10 a.m. A pet costume contest, face painting, and merchants will all be there. The SPCA uses the entire sum of money to care for animals until they find a permanent home.

“Dogs, cats, all pets enhance our lives. It’s just a scientific fact,” explains Gaffney, “So not only does connecting with an animal help you, but you’re saving their life and giving them an opportunity to live a full life just as we would expect to and have those take care and love on us.”


SOURCE: Fox 19 Now

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