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May 11, 2021by admin

Nothing’s better than coming home after a hard day to a clean house. But sometimes, you can walk in on your dog making a mess. Whether it’s digging up the houseplants or relieving themselves on the carpets, even the most trained dogs have accidents now and then. And it’s important to clean up as soon as possible. But remember, some items may cause irritation and all kinds of troubles for your pet.

Keep reading to find out which common household items are toxic to dogs and their alternative dog-safe cleaners to keep those surfaces squeaky clean without the worry.

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Use vinegar instead of chemical bleach

Pee on the floor is a nuisance to many, and a common frustration among new pet owners. But bleaching products with chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde, and glycol could increase the chances of your pet getting cancer and liver damage. Likewise, exposure to bleach could easily irritate their fur, skin, and paws.

Vinegar is a good alternative for these situations. The acetic acid content is good at neutralizing bacteria and other harmful compounds. Just put some in a spray bottle and you’re good to go. The smell might not be the best, but it’s sure to go away once the solution is dry.

Using vegetable oil or salt instead of insecticide

It’s common for bugs to sneak around the kitchen, but the spray you may be using could enter your dog’s respiratory system. As a rule of thumb, if it’s meant to kill anything, keep it as far away from your pets as possible. This is where a mix of vegetable oil and soap could help. A cup of oil to a spoon of dish soap mixed with a little water should do the trick. Otherwise, simply mixing salt and water in a spray bottle could prove to be an effective dog-safe cleaner. 

Use hydrogen peroxide in place of carpet cleaners

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the safest options you have if you need a deeper clean on heavy surfaces. This compound splits into water and oxygen once used and is very helpful in removing pee stains. Do take note, though, that this is a very mild bleach and too much might change the colors of your furniture.

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Use baking soda instead of toilet cleaners

Dogs sometimes sneak into the bathroom for a drink when water isn’t readily available. This could put them at risk of ingesting harmful chemicals through the water. A 1:2 ratio of baking soda to vinegar easily cleans the drains just as well. Plus, you’ll get to relive your high school science fair volcano! Let this mixture do its work for a while, then scrub away, and finish with some hot water. 

Use oranges and lemons in place of scented oils

Certain essential oils are toxic to pets and can range from simple irritants to lethal in large doses. It’s best to only keep them in places where you’re certain that your pet will not be around. This includes diffusers, sprays, balms, or anything that may come into contact with them. Their noses are so much more sensitive than ours and are more likely to feel uncomfortable.

Citrus fruits, on the other hand, serve as natural fragrances to uplift the ambiance of your home. Not only are they good cleaners, but they also make for great incense or potpourri. Dry some orange peels and chuck them into your fireplace or in a bowl to burn and enjoy the smells!

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There’s no need to worry about not being able to clean your house anymore without harming your pet! Now that you know which household items are toxic to dogs and their dog-safe cleaner alternatives, you’re going to be fine!


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