Wherever man goes, there’s sure to be a dog following beside him – even on the stage. From the West End to the Great White Way, our furry friends have been featured in all kinds of shows and stories. Today, we’ll put a spotlight on dogs in theater. Here’s a list of theater shows with dogs:

1. Annie

theater shows with dogs annie
Photo from EW.com

This age-old tale of the depression focuses on Annie, an orphan set on finding her parents. In this Broadway classic, Annie ventures the streets with her dog, Sandy, and quite the star this dog gets to be!

2. Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

dogs in theater curious incident
Photo from nytimes.com

The stage adaptation of Mark Haddon’s award-winning novel is a brilliantly staged masterpiece of theater. In this show, Christopher, a fifteen-year-old autistic boy, is trying to figure out who’s killed the neighbor’s dog with a garden fork. This sets him on an adventure that will traverse all of London and will end with the most adorable twist that will melt even the hardest of hearts.

3. Finding Neverland

theater shows with dogs finding neverland
Photo from heraldsun.com

Another adaptation, Finding Neverland takes on the Miramax film of the same name. We follow Scottish playwright JM Barrie as he searches for the inspiration to write one of the most beloved tales of all time: Peter Pan. In this show, the role of Porthos the dog was originally played by a man in a costume. However, the moment they transferred on Broadway, the producers brought in two real pups to play the ever-so-cute animals on stage in this magical drama.

4. Wizard of Oz

dogs in theater wizard of oz
Photo from the Guardian

From another classic story that we all know and love, Dorothy’s little companion, Toto, is usually what people think of first when we ask about dogs in stories. And with countless productions around the world, both professionals and high schools share a love for this adorable pup!

5. The Audience

dogs in theater the audience
Photo from joledingham.ca

Everyone knows about the Queen’s beloved corgis. And in the National Theatre’s production of the Audience, we have two Welsh Corgis starring beside theater royalty herself, Dame Helen Mirren. These dogs are certainly fitting in a role besides the crown!

6. Legally Blonde

theater shows with dogs legally blonde
Photo from townnews.com

A cult favorite, Legally Blonde follows Elle Woods on her journey from a Hilton-Esque lifestyle to winning her first court case as a lawyer. The show features two dogs. The main dog named Bruiser, her adorable pet that goes along with her almost everywhere. And for someone who loves the spotlight, this dog is basking in the glory of thousands of Broadway audiences every night.

It truly is amazing what a dog can do. They are simply too good for us. There are more theater shows with dogs out there and hopefully more to be created. The ones listed above have clips online that you can watch with your dog! Who knows? Your pet could be the next star onstage.