There is no denying that dogs are the most helpful animals on the planet. Even though they are homeless, they do not understand what selfishness is, as evidenced by this narrative.

Thailand-based photographer Ake Srisuwan shared stunning images of two stray dogs guarding an old woman lying in the mud next to a river on Facebook. The man believed the woman and the two dogs were playing or doing something similar when he first saw them, but upon closer inspection, he realized that she was hurt.



The photographer soon realized the woman was destitute and also blind. She also decided to spend the night by the river with these two wonderful dogs! Upon observing this, the man brought the woman and dogs to a hospital in search of assistance.

Thank goodness the woman’s tale went viral, which prompted the authorities to assist her in finding a home for both of her pets and herself! What a joyful ending!


Source: The Pet Needs


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