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In a remarkable story of unlikely friendships, an abandoned pup was rescued and taken in by a pack of seven coyotes in the Nevada desert.

The pup was first spotted near South Lake Tahoe on February 6th by two hikers who noticed that it had no tags and seemed to be lost and scared. Closer inspection revealed that the pup had been accepted into the family of coyotes who were looking out for its safety.

Though it is not a common occurrence, wild animals have been known to form strong bonds with one another, and this is especially true in this case. Thanks to these generous coyotes, what could have been a sad discovery instead turned into a heartwarming tale of friendship and loyalty.

Coyotes at night in Nevada Featured Photo Credit Fox5 Vegas

The pup is now safe at an animal control shelter where it will receive any necessary medical attention before being put up for adoption.

Meanwhile, another animal found living alongside wild creatures also captured the attention of animal rescuers near Nevada recently—this time, a domesticated white dog abandoned as a puppy weeks ago. Named “Ghost” by local residents, the pooch has traveled with coyote pack since last July with locals posting sightings online regularly over the past seven months.

The pup needed help more than he realized as he started limping due to an injury. Animal rescuers Susan McMullen and Timi Zondiros spent days trying to capture him until finally Ghost walked into one their traps set up Saturday night. He appeared relieved upon entering his cage after spending much of his young life in the wild among his new companions.

McMullen was surprised at how affectionate Ghost remained towards humans despite having lived alone among wild animals since July; though injured, he showed no aggression towards his trusty rescue team since they took him in . His body was scarred from previous fights, he had skin issues and an ear infection and he needed to have one broken toe amputated but none of this deterred his sweet nature once rescued – proving why those who are saved are often most grateful!

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