Maddy Kimberley recently discovered another guest on the rental house while she was staying at an Airbnb in Crete, Greece.

On the property of the house, a small, tan dog was having a great time running around and napping.



When Kimberley tried to approach the dog and saw that he was wary, she decided to give him space to approach her on his own terms. Her easygoing demeanor paid off, and the friendly dog soon cuddled up in her lap.

For Kimberley, “it was love at first sight,” The Dodo said.



The dog was infested in fleas and ticks, had no collar, and Kimberley assumed he was a stray. The dog was fed by her and her partner, who also helped him feel at home.

He was again waiting outside the following morning.

Kimberley stated in an Instagram post that “he would not leave my side from that point on.”


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Their friendship got closer and closer as the days passed.

Kimberley commented, “It was wonderful how fast he was able to trust and feel at ease with me.

Unexpectedly, a veterinarian was also staying in the area. The veterinarian asked Kimberley if she may want help bringing the dog home after successfully rehoming stray animals in the past.



Kimberley struggled to accept the heartbreaking truth that she couldn’t bring her new friend back to England after giving it a lot of thought. She then turned the dog over to the vet’s expert care.

Kimberley wrote, “I felt just so depressed.”

Kimberley kept returning to the Airbnb puppy in her thoughts and nightmares for several weeks.



It got to the point that Kimberley felt as though she should fly over and rescue him. “I was really sorry.”

Kimberley received an unexpected message from the vet a few weeks later. He asked Kimberley if she may reconsider adopting the puppy because the home in Germany he had set up for it wasn’t working out.

Kimberley, ecstatic, responded “yes” right away.



Her old companion was soon curled up in bed with his new family, contently sleeping.

Kimberley is overjoyed to get her puppy, Dobby, back in her arms.

Kimberley stated in a post that “His life before we met him will always be a mystery.” But at least we are aware of a pleasant conclusion! ”

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