Helping dogs in need, especially those with serious medical conditions, is always inspiring.

When a group of veterinarians discovered a dog with a severely bloated face, they acted quickly to save him, and the video of his amazing recovery has received over 13 million views on YouTube.



A street dog in India with a big abscess on its face received a call to Animal Aid Unlimited, a street animal rescue organization.
The growth drastically altered the dog’s face, making him look like a pig.



The rescue crew could see that the street dog was in excruciating pain and, if the abscess went untreated, it would endanger his life.

Although the dog was nice, they had to catch him in a net since he wouldn’t let them get close to him.

Once they had the street dog under their care, veterinarians examined it and started treating the abscess.



The enormous abscess had to be drained of its blood before the dog could recover, so it is not a sight for the faint of heart.

However, as soon as the dog’s incision had been stitched up and a drainage tube inserted, the dog began to appear completely different.



He recovered two weeks later and appeared joyful and gorgeous. The dog shown in the video received a lot of attention from the rescuers who helped save his life.

A video posted by Anima Aid Unlimited of the heroic, life-saving rescue has amassed nearly 13.5 million views on YouTube.


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