Dogs are some of the most amazing companions we can have, no question about that! But dogs are more than just canine buddies or household pets because they are capable of some truly spectacular things. With their amazing sense of smell, dogs can find objects and sense fear, stress, and anxiety.

Dogs are also blessed with unique physiology and ability to learn and comprehend visual and vocal commands, which makes them capable of some tasks that humans can’t or are limited to. Today, we’ll be taking a look at 10 jobs that dogs can do.

1. Herding
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Dogs have been our faithful companions for centuries and have been instrumental in mankind’s progress. The domestication of dogs and the inception of farming have made them wonderful companions for farmers. Dogs work alongside humans to herd and guide livestock throughout farms. Dogs kept livestock safe from predators in the past, and they continue to do so today. For herding, some dog breeds are better for the job, such as the Australian cattle dogs, border collies, and kelpies.

2. Detection Work

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Dogs have keen senses, there’s no doubt about that. In the past, dogs aided the earliest humans to hunt for food, and they’ve only gotten better at sniffing things out over the years. Dogs are often used to help detect things from bed bugs to bombs and contraband.

Game hunters still use dogs to this day to help them hunt in the woods. Some dogs even have physical traits that help them find things better. The bloodhounds, for example, have long ears that act as dust brooms that sweep up particles to help them smell better.

3. Law Enforcement and Military Work

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Dogs are often used by police officers to help with detection work. As mentioned before, they’re great at finding things. However, they do other jobs with the police and military. Aside from finding bombs, bodies, culprits, and evidence, dogs are also great for guarding stations and the police officers themselves. These strong and well-trained dogs are part of the K-9 Program.

Breeds that commonly work with law enforcement include German shepherds, bloodhounds, beagles, labs, and Malinois.

4. Search and Rescue

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Alongside police work, dogs are also helpful for first responders and rescue operations. While you might not like the idea of them going into hazardous weather conditions and terrain, they have a very important job. Finding people in need of rescue is a tough job for us when we don’t know where they might be.

That’s where dogs come in. Search and rescue dogs are trained to search through different areas and are capable of finding any scent despite conditions. Recently, dogs are getting traction online for their ability to find animals in need of help from wildfires.

5. Water Rescue

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Dogs’ ability to help people in need of rescue doesn’t end on solid ground. Dogs are also very good at providing aid in water-related rescue missions. Specifically, Newfoundland dogs are strong and love being in the water, and are perfect to be trained for water rescue operations.

These dogs can swim better and are capable of pulling people in trouble out of the water with their mouths. They are even trained to recognize an unconscious swimmer and properly deal with the situation.

6. Service and Assistance

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If you think dogs only have jobs that are related to their sense of smell, then you have another thing coming. Dogs are also amazing for assisting the handicapped and the elderly. The most popular of these service dogs are those that guide the blind in their daily lives. These service dogs also aid people with mobility impairments, and hearing impairments, and are skilled enough to provide support to the elderly.

7. Therapy Services

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Continuing on their ability to help and assist people dogs are also great companions that provide reassurance and comfort. Therapy dogs are trained to be non-aggressive, comforting, affectionate, and supportive.

These dogs are typically seen in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, disaster areas, and more. Therapy dogs also provide help in treating, comforting, and supporting victims of PTSD and people with autism.

8. Sled Dogs

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To this day dogs are still used to provide transportation through snowbound regions. Sled dogs are capable of running miles through the frigid winter weather to help transport people or deliver medicine and supplies to remote towns. Some of the early expeditions into the North and South Poles use dog-pulled sleds to explore the terrain.

Common breeds associated with sled dogs are dogs that can withstand cold temperatures and can run for long periods of time without getting tired. These breeds include the Siberian husky, Alaskan Malamute, Canadian Eskimo dog, and the Samoyed.

9. Rat Catching

It may come as a surprise to many of you but cats aren’t the only animals that have been trained and bred for catching rats. The word “Terrier” comes from the Latin meaning “of the earth” and it comes as no surprise as many Terrier breeds are ratters.

While they’re not commonly used for catching rats these days, there are still places like farms that need the pest control capabilities that terriers provide. These dogs have high energy and small bodies which are perfect for chasing rodents and vermin that live underground.

10. Watchdog/Guarding

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Dogs are amazing at keeping a keen eye on things. Dogs can be used to guard just about anything, from livestock, to valuable possessions, and even guard military bases and soldiers to keep their surroundings safe. Watchdogs use their bark to ward off suspicious people, warn people of danger, and do many other things. Regardless of size or shape dogs are great at guarding anything. Back in the 18th-century firefighters used Dalmatians to protect their valuable equipment and horses.

Honorable Mentions


Dogs are great mascots for any organization out there. Dogs are used as mascots for many places and organizations like schools, sports teams, and postal services. A good example of dogs being great mascots are Dalmatians who have been the poster boys for firefighters since the 1700s. Today these good dogs help firefighters teach schools about fire safety and emergency preparation.


Because of how well dogs can be trained they can even be trained to act. Many film studios and T.V. shows around the world use acting dogs to great effect, some of them can even perform great heart-wrenching acts like Hachiko, Marley & Me, and more. Among the cast of the critically acclaimed show Frasier, Eddie the dog was the most popular among them, and often received more fan mail than the other actors on the show.

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