It’s time for TobyKeith once more. The title of the oldest living dog in the world has been reclaimed by the 21-year-old chihuahua.

Pebbles, a 22-year-old toy fox terrier from South Carolina who held the previous title, passed away on October 3 after living a long life filled with “country music and being adored,” according to owner Julie Gregory’s Instagram post.




“We send our sincerest condolences to Pebbles’ family,” Kylie Galloway with Guinness World Records North America told USA TODAY on Wednesday. “I can confirm that TobyKeith currently holds the Guinness World Records title for the oldest dog living.”

Pebbles won the title after learning about TobyKeith, the Florida dog that was named the oldest canine in the world by Guinness in April, from her owners Bobby and Julie Gregory. Pebbles was given the record by Guinness in May when the Gregorys realized Pebbles was older and submitted an application for it.



Gisela Shore, the owner of TobyKeith in Greenacres, Florida, said USA TODAY that she had expressed sympathies to the Pebbles’ owners. “It was devastating news,” Shore added, adding that Guinness had just informed her that TobyKeith was “back on his king.”

TobyKeith, who is 21 years and 4 months old, recently went for his routine six-month checkup with the vet, and according to Shore, “he is in wonderful health.”



Shore says she takes it easy on TobyKeith, who enjoys going on walks in the neighborhood and letting him roam around their yard. “He loves to sunbathe 10 to 15 minutes a day,” she said.

He also enjoys trips to the park and frequent car rides, at least three times a week. Shore cracks the window down, “but only at a stop light,” she said.

“And I do take him to get his pedicures … about every four weeks.”



TobyKeith eats pretty well, too. His favorite meal Shore said is a mix of brown rice, vegetables, chicken, and dog kibble.

“As a treat, he still enjoys his carrots (minced into tiny little bites), and a little piece of turkey in the morning. That’s what he eats almost every day,” Shore said.

A sales rep, Shore does about half of her work from home. “He’s either right behind me,” cuddled at her back in her work chair, “or at my feet,” she said. “I think he’s looking for heat.”



Oh, and about that name. Shore told Guinness she adopted the chihuahua as a puppy after an elderly couple surrendered him to a shelter because they could no longer care for the dog, which had originally been named “Peanut Butter.”

A country music fan, Shore had tickets to a Toby Keith concert about the time she connected with her new puppy. “And I just thought it would be funny to name a tiny little three-pound dog after this big, 6-foot, 250-pound man,” Shore said.


Source: Yahoo News

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