The rescue dog named Chesbro is all set to charm you.

The shelter dog has spent the last six years living at the Humane Society of the Desert in North Palm Springs, California.


Chesbro was brought to the Humane Society of the Desert when he was six months old after being discovered abandoned in the desert, according to Cali Trevino, who manages social media and marketing for the shelter.

Chesbro has been waiting to leave the Humane Society of the Desert with his perfect forever family for more than six years.



“Chesbro is very calm, gentle, and loves to explore. He has such a sweet way about him, and we can tell he so badly wants to trust new humans and win their affection and love,” Trevino said.

The rescue dog has worked hard to develop into the gregarious dog he is now. Chesbro was a stray dog who had spent the previous six months having no human contact when he came to the Humane Society of the Desert. Chesbro was naturally reserved and timid when initially meeting prospective adopters.


Chesbro has been trained to be more social and now actively seeks out the attention of new people, all thanks to the tireless efforts of several committed volunteers. He still isn’t as outgoing as some dogs, though.

“A lot of times, adopters come in and want a super social affectionate dog who is sitting in their lap within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. Chesbro ends up being overlooked due to that fact, unfortunately. He is a bit shy when meeting new people until you give him a couple of yummy treats,” Trevino stated regarding Chesbro’s up to this point fruitless hunt for a home.



Chesbro is a pet who enjoys eating, vehicle journeys, and swimming, so whoever decides to adopt him will be blessed. Additionally, Chesbro enjoys the companionship of other dogs, especially calm dogs.

“His ideal home would be a relaxed environment with semi-active owners who would take Chesbro out for adventures here and there. He would be totally comfy with other pets in the home, including dogs and cats! He does love his walks and sniffing all kinds of new things, but is also in for a movie-watching napping kind of day too!” Trevino spoke about Chesbro’s ideal adopter.


The Humane Society of the Desert is optimistic that Chesbro will find the ideal forever home and hopes that his tale will encourage animal lovers to consider adopting more difficult-to-place animals because all animals deserve to be loved and cared for.

“Every dog deserves to live a life in a home with loving humans surrounding them. Sure, they may be a little shy when first meeting new humans, but we have to remember that dogs look to us for guidance and acceptance; we must be there to help them trust again. They won’t let you down, I promise.” Trevino said.


Visit the Humane Society of the Desert website to find out more about Chesbro and to submit an adoption application for the long-term shelter resident.


Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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