Airport security is something that nobody enjoys. You typically wait in long lines, you must remove your shoes in public, and occasionally the agents choose you for additional examination. On the day he went through, one dog, as shown in this viral video, helped to make the situation a little more bearable for those waiting in line.

A video of Cole, a deaf Pit Bull owned by TikTok user @deafcole, passing through airport security was recently uploaded. Cole walked past the metal detector in the video, but he triggered the alert and needed to be patted down! See Cole being a great boy for the TSA officer in the video!

@deafcole Pittie on a ✈️ #dogsoftiktok #pitbullsoftiktok #deafdog #airport #foryoupage ♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod




Oh my God, this video is amazing. Cole was more than delighted to comply with the order to perform the pat-down because, in essence, the TSA employee was giving him some pets! We like to see this from those who are responsible for keeping our nation safe.

People in the comments agreed that this agent likely triggered the alarm on purpose just so she could pet the pup. @nicholaselby2 said, “She made it go off just so she could pet the gorgeous fur baby,” and @aerieandarwen commented, “Secretly taking extra long on the pat down so they can have extra puppy love.” We would do the same thing!


Others were very impressed with Cole’s manners. @lilcountryitalian commented, “She wanted pet him. That good boy acted better than most humans at the airport,” and @damndemitria said, “The smile on the TSA agents face. This made her day for sure! What a good fur baby!” Cole was amazingly calm and patient while getting his pat down, though, he probably enjoyed it!

We enjoyed watching Cole and the TSA employee enjoy the additional pat down. Fortunately, Mom didn’t discover his hidden stockpile of sweets, or maybe she excused him since he was such a good puppy!


Source: Pet Helpful

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