Ah, the delights of becoming a new parent. Snuggling a newborn and wearing one of these lovely onesies must be a small piece of heaven, right? However, @brunothepugtato has a different opinion, especially considering how noisy his family’s newest member is!

The sweet pug may still be processing the whole “baby” thing, but even so, he is precious as can be. His facial expression is just priceless!

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Bruno, we feel your suffering. Everyone can find the newborn time challenging, but we know your parents are doing their very best. Even so, we have to acknowledge that this irritation is actually rather humorous.

 @Nuggettandmoose wrote in the video’s comment section, “he’s like, ‘who’s baby is this?!'” Clearly, the crying and midnight feedings are not what he asked for. If only he had any idea what his paw-rents are dealing with!


“He’s looking at you like ‘it’s broken. Take him back,’” said viewer @lilv_xoxo. LOL! We love how many commenters can relate to his panicked expression. No wonder this video went viral! Just like @bugbeanbert said, “That face says it all.”

Even mom @fatbabyrolls had to agree with the pug. She said, “I feel like this too Bruno. And I’m the mom.” Aww–you’ve got this! Nothing about new parenthood is easy, but having a furry friend to relate to can definitely take the edge off. At the very least, they’ll help you smile just like Bruno did for us!


Source: Pet Helpful

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