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Nothing can get a paw parent worried as much as the sound of a vomiting pup. It’s a sound most of us are very familiar with and can surely cause quite the panic. At most times, it doesn’t really entail serious problems, but it is still important to have all the necessary information about its causes and treatments, as well as different ways on how to keep your dog healthy to minimize the occurrence of further problems.

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When our pups spew out any fluid or solid material from their mouth, it’s important to address this immediately beginning with differentiating between regurgitation and vomiting.

Regurgitation usually appears in the form of solid tube-like, slimy discharge from a pup. This is caused simply by undigested food and it’s a natural reflex for pups to throw it up, and is normally passive. More often than not, it doesn’t entail severe conditions. Vomiting, on the other hand, mostly comes in the form of fluid and can be caused by several complications like infection, gastrointestinal problems, and others. It is characterized by retching and abdominal contractions.

Knowing the difference between these two are important as they have very different causes and treatments, allowing your veterinarian to provide the most appropriate care for your pup.

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When you’re sure that your dog is indeed vomiting, and not just regurgitating, it’s important to note the color of the fluid they threw up. This will help you identify the possible cause of the vomit. 

  • Yellow Vomit

This normally happens when a dog hasn’t eaten for quite some time. The yellow color is brought about by bile secretions. This type of vomit occurs in the middle of the night or early morning, as it is during these times that dogs have empty stomachs.

  • Clear, Liquid Vomit

One of the less worrying kinds, this normally happens when dogs induce water while nauseous. It is caused by water pooling within their stomach, which eventually comes up by itself. Since they can’t keep the water down, they would end up throwing it up.

  • White, Foamy Vomit

Characterized by a white, frothy fluid, this is normally caused by acid buildup in the stomach of your pups. In essence, these are clear fluids but may become foamy as it comes to contact with air, or as it gets sloshed in the process of discharge.

  • Red or Pink Vomit

Whenever we see red, that always raises alarm, and often with good reason. Red or pink vomit is the rather worrying type of vomit as it normally comes with blood. This can be a precedent to some of the most common dog diseases and health problems. The red coloration is brought about by bleeding which can be a result of an ulcer, gastrointestinal infection, or sometimes even parvo.

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Yellow, clear, and white vomit doesn’t pose quite as much threat as red or pink, but any of these occurrences merit a visit to your vet. Should the vet be unavailable, some of the remedies you may administer to your dogs include the following:

  • Keep them hydrated

Vomiting can cause severe dehydration to your pups. It is important to consistently provide them with adequate amounts of water.

  • Provide a Mild Diet

A mild diet may be fed to your puppy as you wait for them to recover. These diets are normally available at your vet clinic, but if you need to feed them immediately, boiled white rice and some white meat may do.

  • Slow Down Eating

In most cases, throwing up can be caused by eating too fast, causing indigestion and some gastrointestinal problems. Feeding your pup small frequent meals in a day is best. You may also opt to place a large inedible object into your pup’s dish to force your dog to eat around it.

While these treatments provide immediate home remedies to your pups’ condition, it is still best to take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible, as they can offer the best medication and prescriptions on how to keep your dog healthy.

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