Pandemic lockdowns brought us some interesting side effects in our daily lives, one of which is the rapid increase of pawed friends making their way to “furever” homes. It’s not the only reason for the expanding and growing popularity of dogs as pets across the globe. The continuous rising was evident in the town of Watson.

Rebecca Paszt said “That’s a big reason for the move to creating a dog park” on the committee supervising its development. The project was made possible and moved closer to reality and realization that excites dog owners and their charges.

“We’ve got the planning process well underway, we’ve applied for a few grants, and so far, we’ve fundraised a good chunk of what we’ll need for materials for the fence,” Paszt added.

She explained that the fencing is set to be picked up, and the core of community volunteers are willing to wait and help with the installation of it. GL Landscaping of Watson is one of the vital volunteer contributors. The goal is to install fencing completely at the north end of Watson in Mel Molle Park before the summer begins.

The treed area will provide a comfortable and picturesque setting for pets to enjoy playing. The intention is to have a big area applicable for larger dogs and a smaller fenced off area for little breeds or those who need additional space to feel serene.


The project was supported by the core group of five volunteers of the town council and the group is nearly close to its $10,000 fundraising target to cover the essentials. Paszt said that it may not automatically spell an end to fundraising and planning.

“The dream is to make it a little fancier. One day, just dreaming, we’d love to have a gazebo as a meeting space for people where they can hang out while their dogs are playing. We’d put a little walking path through there with gravel.” She added.

This past weekend during Spring, a Watson fundraising event was held, some of the volunteers were taking portraits of pooches in the Main Street gallery setting in front of the Watson Museum. Dozens of waggling tails made their way to the fundraising event.

You can find out more and visit the Watson Dog Park page on Facebook.

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