There are countless stories of people rushing into burning buildings to save dogs from a blazing inferno, but there are also other heroes who walk into the face of danger. One of those heroes is a beautiful pregnant dog who risked her life to save four elderly patients at a hospice facility. When the fire broke out near St. Petersburg, Russia, Matilda never hesitated to help the innocent patients.

She barked loudly over and over to alert the four people, who thankfully got out without any issues, but poor Matilda wasn’t as fortunate. Firefighters were busy helping the residents and extinguishing the blaze, and they forgot about the heroic dog. Instead, she was inside the burning structure on a leash, with no way out.



“During the hustle and bustle, everyone forgot about the dog named Matilda, who was on a leash. Motya, as she is affectionately called, could not escape the fire, she was badly burned,” according to SPB.

Hours after the blaze had diminished, a news reporter showed photos of the severe injuries Matilda sustained while alerting everyone else of the fire. Animal rights activists rushed to the scene to help the dog out of peril. Alexander Tsinkevich and Elena Kalinina took Matilda to a shelter and clinic where they discovered her to be pregnant. She had severe burns to her face, neck, and abdomen. Her poor muzzle was completely bare, and only burnt skin remained.



Amazingly, a fertility specialist examined the dog and her pups and found the babies to all be alive and developing well. Although the hospice owner could not help Matilda, volunteers are stepping up to help the heroic girl and her babies.

H/T: The Indian Express

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