From being a pop culture icon to a lovable family dog, beagles as pets have carved a special place in every dog lover’s heart throughout the years.

This breed has existed for hundreds of years and is one of the most familiar in the world. According to one breed historian, beagles were written about as early as the 1400s.

Beagles are descended from hounds used in packs by hunters on foot in England, Wales, and France. A variety known as “pocket beagles” was used for hunts on horseback because the breed stood less than 10 inches tall and could be carried in a coat pocket at the start of the hunt. Beagles are best known for rabbit hunting, although the breed has also been used to hunt animals such as jackals and wild pigs.

While some beagles are still used individually or in packs for hunting, beagles today are mostly found in homes as lovable house pets.

Beagle Dog Remembrance

Each dog has their own set of personality traits and skills that set them apart from the other breeds.  If you’re not familiar with how beagles are, here’s what you need to know:


They are active and curious dogs

Beagles, because they are also hound dogs, love to explore and wander.  They also love to trot, run, play and jump. With this said, many owners — particularly of young beagles — find that their puppy or dog is extremely hyper.

As they mature, just like any other dog, they tend to calm down, but it will always be a part of their personality.


Their ears help their noses

Beagles’ ears, when drawn out, reach the end of their nose. Those long ears actually catch scent particles and keep them close to the dog’s nose, so they can take in as much information as possible. Along with their phenomenal sense of smell and seemingly endless stamina, beagles are amazing for hunting.

Did you know that the beagle’s nose is so perceptive at differentiating between scents, it can actually be trained to recognize as many as 50 different smells?

This is why beagles are commonly used in security and law enforcement to track prohibited or illegal materials, such as drugs or explosives, at crime scenes and airports.


They have a pack mentality

Beagles are highly social creatures and often hunt together or track together to achieve a common goal. The only potential downside to this pack mentality is that it also means your beagle may react well to being left alone for long periods and can have the tendency to be destructive.

beagle pack hunting

Aside from beagles personality traits, here are fun facts about them that you probably haven’t heard of before:


Beagles have white-tipped tails for a reason


As mentioned, they are hunting dogs, they usually have their noses close to the ground and their tails up high.  The white tip makes the beagle easier to track through the woods, tall weeds, or brush because it is easier to see compared to the rest of the dog’s body.


Any dog breeder knows that a true beagle must have this trait, even if it is just a few hairs.


They are pop culture icons

They have been depicted since Elizabethan times in literature (Shakespeare mentioned them) and paintings, and more recently in film, television, and comic books.

You have probably heard of Snoopy, right? Well, he’s a beagle! You may have initially thought that Charlie Brown’s beloved pet wasn’t a beagle, but in fact, he is an AKC-registered beagle. This is just one of the many representations of beagles in pop culture history.


Beagles can “manipulate” or vocalize in three different ways

Beagles are one of the most vocal dog breeds. Not only are they known for their tendency to bark excessively (when untrained or provoked) and they can also make three different sounds: a standard bark, a yodel-like sound called a bay (which they use when hunting), and a howl.


They have two different sizes

According to the American Kennel Club, in the U.S. beagles are classified in one of two ways in terms of size. There are beagles under 13 inches and those over 13, but at or under 15 inches. The height limit of a beagle in the U.S. is 15 inches; in England, however, it is 16 inches.


There’s a beagle that can detect pregnancy

Believe it or not, a two-year-old beagle named Elvis was actually trained to determine whether a polar bear is pregnant by smelling her poop. It helped zookeepers because they couldn’t tell whether their polar bears were actually pregnant or exhibiting pseudopregnancy. Elvis is able to identify samples from pregnant females with 97 percent accuracy.


If you’ve decided that you want to have a beagle as a pet or if you just got one, you have to remember that there are specific needs for each dog.  You’ll need to know how to properly keep them happy and healthy in their new home.


Beagles require at least an hour of exercise daily


As mentioned above, they are active dogs that need an outlet to release their energy. If left alone to their own devices may or may not lead to a rowdy beagle and a mess at home.


Although they have a lovable dog personality, beagles can have an independent, stubborn streak. This is why house training them is also vital. Obedience training is recommended.


A balanced diet is a must


Beagles are known to be food thieves. These dogs will raid your pantry and garbage daily if given the chance, and they’re willing to eat until they can’t anymore. They’re also prone to obesity. Measuring their food every meal and having a fixed schedule will be able to prevent everything that was mentioned above. Make sure that each meal is enough to fill them up so that they don’t get hungry throughout the day.



They are prone to certain diseases


Not all beagles get these diseases, it still depends on how they are being taken care of and the environment that they are in. But, as a beagle parent, it’s best that you are aware of the possibilities.


Here are three of the most common beagle diseases:


  • Glaucoma: a painful disease in which pressure in the eye becomes abnormally high. It can cause damage to the optic nerve and result in vision loss and blindness.
  • Intervertebral Disk Disease: The spinal cord is surrounded by the vertebral column, and between the bones of the vertebral column are intervertebral discs that work as shock absorbers and allow normal movement of the vertebrae. Compression of the spinal cord may be minimal, causing neck or back pain, or it can be severe, causing loss of sensation, paralysis, and lack of bowel or bladder control.
  • Hip Dysplasia: This is an inherited condition in which the thigh bone doesn’t fit snugly into the hip joint. Some dogs show pain and lameness on one or both rear legs, but others don’t display outward signs of discomfort.


They don’t need to take baths as often


Beagles shed, but because their hair is short, it isn’t too noticeable. Their coats tend to get thicker in the winter, so they shed more in the spring. They are clean dogs and generally don’t require frequent baths.
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Now that you have all that information, we hope that you’re a bit more prepared for your new adventure as a beagle parent! As a pet, like all other dog breeds, beagles require a lifetime commitment and it’s up to you to make their time spent here memorable.

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