We’ll never grow tired of seeing folks take their friends or family by surprise with animals. We’re definitely quite envious because it’s so adorable! This most recent surprise from TikTok user @jamie.vandy is ideal.

She went to get tea as she had promised her husband. So in that sense, she wasn’t lying. LOL! But she brought much more home than just tea. You should see this!

@jamie.vandy Went to the store for a thai* tea for Brandon I swear…. to ease the news…. #bernesemountaindog #puppy #surprise #dogsoftiktok #cutepuppy #imsoexcited #familyoffive #uglycrocs ♬ original sound – Jamie


OMG, we have a feeling she won’t be let go shopping by herself for much longer. HA! But hey, the effort was well worthwhile! Just take a moment to admire the gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog. Who could refuse that?

“I wish someone would go get me tea AND A PUPPY!!” said @mbacks1124. SAME! We don’t think that’s too much to ask for. LOL! If someone did this for us though, we don’t even know how we’d react. It would probably involve a lot of tears and screaming for joy. “‘Hi, honey! Here’s your matcha tea!’ Hands husband a puppy,” added @koolkat29632. See, look how easy that can be! Ha! 


Another TikTok user, @rebeccaspanner, commented, “You win at shopping, paws down. Name that doggo ‘Boba’ or I’m coming to get him. Stop it! That’s the most perfect name for this puppy. Boba fits perfectly with the story as well. So here’s our petition for them to name this puppo Boba! 


Source: Pet Helpful


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