Shena enjoys admiring the vast blueberry fields that surround the highway as she travels to work. Closer to the road, she frequently sees trash bags, and occasionally she sees coyotes roving the neighborhood.

But one day, Shena, who asked that her last name not be used, saw what she subsequently described as a “black bag of garbage” that seemed very strange.

Her instincts prompted her to turn around just as she was about to continue driving. She came upon a giant black dog hiding amid the blueberry bushes while strolling down the busy road. The dog was all by himself.

Shena admitted to The Dodo, “I was shocked. A rush of utter relief washed over me as soon as her eyes opened.

Shena made her approach very cautiously in an effort to calm the nervous dog. She yelled to the dog, but the noise of the highway traffic made it difficult to hear her. The dog appeared to be hurt since one of her legs was hanging at an odd angle, Shena noticed. She was aware that she had to seek assistance as soon as possible, but the anxious dog, who was wary of strangers, started to flee.

Shena recalled, “At one point I lost sight of her and I was quite worried and started screaming.” “I was concerned that if I lost her, she would be abandoned and terrified. I began to jog beside the blueberry field while scanning each row.

Shena found her once more after what seemed like an eternity. She took a fanny pack out of her car and made a leash out of the strap. She approached the dog cautiously and managed to entice her into it.

Shena said, “My heart exploded with ecstasy.” “I was so ecstatic that I would be able to assist her,” I said.

Shena took the dog to RAPS Animal Hospital, where the broken leg was treated by vets. Shena gave the dog the name Blueberry in remembrance of where they first met because it became evident rather quickly that she would never be able to part with her new buddy.

You may view the film Shena created of Blueberry’s rescue and rehabilitation, which she made a year after she was discovered here:

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Today, Blueberry, who once hid from strangers, is a cuddly comedian with a fresh outlook on life.

Shena remarked, “She is also an utter ham and can be extremely entertaining. When she’s enthusiastic, she makes absurdly comical gremlin noises. She wants to please people. She gives everything she does her all as well.

Shena is very happy she decided to give up driving that day since it allowed her to help save a life and make a new best friend.

When treated with love, kindness, respect, and compassion, dogs (and other animals) can be incredibly amazing, loving, forgiving, and trustworthy, Shena remarked. I’m really glad we ran into each other.

Source: The Dodo