Everyone is desperate to find things that will entertain them and make them smile through these trying times, and we’ve found just the thing.

Ben Campbell bought fake teeth for some quarantine comic relief, but he wound up getting way more laughs from them than he expected.

He had the pair of teeth on the table, and his Yorkshire Terrier, Thomas, ended up stealing them. He walked around with the fake teeth in his mouth, which made it look like he had a real human smile.

Campbell couldn’t help but laugh as Thomas flash his toothy grin, having no idea what he had just done.

Luckily, Campbell caught the hilarious moment on camera and uploaded it to his Youtube channel for all of us to enjoy. The video quickly went viral with nearly two million views and 700 comments.

Many YouTube viewers couldn’t get enough of ‘Toothy Thomas.’

“He’s like a tiny Teddy Roosevelt,” one user wrote.

“I just woke up my entire house laughing harder than I have ever,” another user commented. “This was so unexpected it laughed me out of bed. My wife and kids are so mad none of them will watch it and I still can’t stop.”

Watch for yourself in the video below:

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