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Police Dog Sick Of The Sidelines Steals Soccer Ball Mid-Game

Work and no play? No way! Not with this pup!

Work and no play? No way! Not with this pup! While working a soccer game in Bolivia, this police dog grew tired of the sidelines. He slipped his lead and ran full throttle onto the field. The dog working to keep the crowd off the field just couldn’t help but run onto it. The ball action was too tempting.

At approximately 37 minutes into the game between Blooming and Nacional Potosí, the furry soccer fan slipped his handler’s grip and ran onto the field. With the skills of a professional and the aid of his mouth, the dog took hold of the ball and ran his little heart out. With players and his handler chasing him, he still managed to dominate the field long enough to make a viral video.

While some players may have been annoyed, as well as the police guards, the crowd and announcers loved every second! And of course, as dog lovers, we are all going wild for the footage, nevermind the game 😉

He’s by far the cutest athlete on the field! Just look at him go in the video below!