Harvey the Boxer puppy was confused. He heard a voice he knew well, but where was it coming from?

What kind of sorcery is this?!

This cute puppy had his first encounter with a telephone, and he basically had the same reaction as someone from the 1800s would have had: confusion, wonder, a little fear, and plenty of excitement.

Harvey was amazed at how this little black object made the same sounds as his human Mom. He made the international sign for cute puppy, which is tilting his head sideways and staring. It’s a totally awww-worthy moment.

As his Mom kept calling his name, this cute Boxer puppy started looking all over the place for her.

His owner played along, asking Harvey, “Is she in the garden? Where is she?” And Harvey began to search everywhere. It’s really adorable to see this little guy’s reaction to her voice.

The best part is when he finally just gives up and crashes on his pillow. He was having no more of it and his expression said it all: “Just stop messing with me please!”

Boxers make awesome family pets, if you have the space, time and energy, and don’t mind having a rather large lap dog. They have all the energy in the world and are good with kids. They can be a little headstrong, so a good owner is needed. Aside from their childish nature, these guys are a delight. And when they figure out technology, they’ll be unstoppable!