Himalayan Dog Chews have issued a PRODUCT RECALL on three of their Himalayan Ruff Roots chew toys. They might contain METAL CONTAMINATION, and as such are dangerous for your pup!

The three products are:

Be aware of your pup, and if they are showing signs of stomach discomfort, take them to your veterinarian immediately!

No other products from this company have been affected by this recall, and the company stands by the safety of the rest of their products. PetSmart will provide a full refund for any purchase of these products. Just go to the closest local PetSmart store and give them your old Himalayan Ruff Roots products.

Dog Food Advisor sent out a warning this afternoon and has shared the information with the general public.

Himalayan Corporation will answer all of your questions regarding this recall at 425-322-4295 or you can send them an email at [email protected]

Let all your friends know, so they can keep their pups safe and healthy!