A Cat and Dog Reunite After 10 Days Apart… And THIS Is What Happens

History is full of great love stories. Bogart and Bergman; Romeo and Juliet; Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky; aaaand this cat and dog. Jasper and Bow-Z have a special bond… or at least, Jasper has a special bond with Bow-Z. We’re not entirely sure it’s 100% reciprocal.

After being apart only 10 days (10 days?? That’s nothing!), Jasper greets Bow-Z like he just came home after two years. The love-sick cat wastes no time leaping on the dog, wrapping its paws around Bow-Z’s neck and smothering him with hugs and welcome-back licks.

When Bow-Z turns away, Jasper jumps right back up and keeps the hugfest going… even when the dog back pedals and tries to walk away! It might be the most adorable cat and dog moment we’ve ever seen.

You know the reputation that cats have. Dogs are supposed to be the overly affectionate members of the animal kingdom, while cats are the aloof, super-cool pets who will acknowledge your love with a blank stare or, if you’re lucky, a happy purr while you’re petting them.

That’s not the case with Jasper. He can barely contain his joy at seeing his pal come home and he just can’t let go. If anything, the dog is the one who’s all chill about their reunion.

We’d welcome cats like Jasper in a heartbeat. He’s proof that cats can be as loving and affectionate as any creature. And he’s not the only one. Check out how these sneakily lovable cats greet their owner after he’s been gone for two months. At first, it looks like typical cat behavior. They barely acknowledge him…. but then, when he gets to the top of the stairs, they slowly come over… and suddenly it’s all love.

Not all cats are grumpy cats. Take a look at the epic love story between Jasper and Bow-Z, and see how one kitty shows her bff all the love in the world.