Lucy and Phoenix are two beautiful and talented Rottweilers. And Didga is, in the most literal sense of the word, a copycat. The trio line up to show off their skills, and the results are simply awesome!

First the dogs perform flawlessly when their owner points down. And Didga follows suit. And then the dogs are asked to roll over. Phoenix goes first, and it’s a thing of beauty. Then it’s Lucy’s turn. A perfect 10. And then the cat is asked to be a copycat… and he does it!! He might have the best rollover of the trio!

Are you as mind-blown by this as we are? Because our jaws are dropping and there’s nothing we can do about it. Cats doing dog tricks? Cats copying dogs? What’s next? Dogs and cats dancing together to Pharrell’s Happy? Oh wait, that happened. Or cats teaching dogs tricks? Oh wait, that happened too:


Look humans, you can’t just mess with the laws of the universe like this. When we think of dog and cat interaction, we picture things like this cat pulling some good old fashioned trickery on an unsuspecting pooch…

…Or something like this, where the dog doesn’t realize he’s part of the trick until he’s used like a prop and gets so mad he chases after the cat…

Because we dogs kinda know that cats are smart, and we know they’re kinda cool and do their own thing and get away with anything they want and are adorable when they want to be. So we really, really, really need to be better at tricks than you guys. You know… it’s kind of our thing. And if you start copying us when we do our tricks, well, who knows where that could end up.

So yeah, we’re impressed. But we’re also hoping Didga finds some catnip and gets distracted next time he tries to be a copycat.