Corgi Puppies Take Cuteness to the Extreme

We don’t have to tell you just how cute pink-bellied, fur-ball puppies can be. You know. But in case your particular pup is giving you headaches today, then a video of two Corgi pups cavorting with one another on the floor will surely be the pick-me-up you need.

These particular black-and-white pups (with requisite pink undersides!) are barely handful-sized but those high-pitched shrieks, razor sharp teeth and baby growls are enough to make you yearn for the days your dog wasn’t even potty-trained.

The video starts off with a bird’s-eye-view of these two rollicking around, teasing each other and nibbling on assorted body parts like only sibling pets can. When they’ve had enough of being on their backs, the female Corgi gets up, hops a bit and then positions herself in max-cute mode. There’s a moment at 1:07 where she knowingly nods (we promise!) at her brother to acknowledge the camera in a kind of smile-and-tell-the-world-just-how adorable-we-are frame.

And just when you thought the cute-factor had reached maximum levels and you were planning a trip to adopt another one, the Corgis remind you why you can’t leave anything valuable on the floor as the male starts on the owner’s blue bag and quickly convinces sis to do the same! Even so, when they’re playing so lovingly, you just let them bite whatever they want rather than ruin the moment.

And by the way, if you think these corgis are cute, wait until you see this guy with his guilty face!