A video of a cute puppy playing is awesome, no matter what they’re doing and what kind of puppy he or she is. What could be better? Why, a compilation of cute puppies playing, of course! Warning: once you start watching, you might have to kiss productivity good night… at least for the next three minutes.

It’s hard to pick a favorite among all these cuddle bunnies, but our golden retriever friend playing with her pups in the water is almost too cute to handle. We could literally sit here all day and watch them all day as they paddle about. The lab on the edge of the water looks like he’s having  fun too, and we wondered how long he could resist until he jumped in the water. Spoiler alert: not very long.

Some of these cute puppies realized early on that only their mom (and to be honest, us too) has the patience to put up with their shenanigans. Poor mom dogs, all they have to put up with.

There is another group of cute puppies that know the golden rule: lunge playfully at an inanimate object and you’re going to steal the show. Take the little corgi shadow-boxing with the  tiny pumpkin, another of our favorites. The excitement is just too much to deal with. If only we could find something so simple that makes us that happy.

Last, but not least is the set of puppy siblings fighting over the same toy. Classic. Just like any little kid, there can be a million toys lying around, but when one picks up a toy, all of them instantly want the same one and fight over it. Adorable, thy name is puppy!