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Little Girls Start Dancing To Their Favorite Song, But It’s Their Horse That Steals The Show

Keep your eyes on that horse!

Two adorable little girls are getting ready to ride their favorite horse. The horse is tied to the fence so they could easily step up onto the saddle, which can be a struggle for little legs to reach.

Then, mom, unable to resist herself, plays the girls’ favorite song and starts filming. Athletes often stretch before a game, these kids like to break it down!

Normally the girls would be the center of attention but their horse steals the show. He just can’t help but feel the groove too. For 30 seconds, the trio has a grand old time doing the whip and nay-nay. Wait, the Nay-Nay? HA! Could that be the reason the horse can’t resist himself? It’s horse language!

After their dance party, the girls and their favorite horse have a wonderful time frolicking around. I wonder if they had another dance party the next time they got ready to ride because I would love to see this all over again (and again)!