This Daschund Dances Way Better Than You

This dachshund steps on the dance floor and just blows everyone away.

Emily and Henrietta star in this doggy dance extravaganza. We have to be honest, this Dachshund is probably the best dancer we have seen… At the very least, this writer can’t even hold a candle to the Fred Astaire of canines.

Dachshunds belong to the hound family and were originally bred to hunt badgers. Apparently at least one member of this awesome breed has found a new purpose in life: to dance the night away.

These two are flawless on the dance floor! The pooch has a surgeon’s precision when going through his dance partners’ legs all in perfect timing. If there’s a better canine dancer out there, we’d love to meet him or her.

The end of the routine is the best part. The dancing Dachshund goes after her hat and gives it back to her while jumping on her back without ever missing a beat.

The best part of all is that the dog seems so happy to be cutting up some rug.

These two are taking part in what is called Canine Freestyle. Did you know that there’s an entire organization(it’s called the Musical Dog Sport Association that sanctions and organizes these type of events?

These canines are very tolerant and are known to be tender with kids and other pets. So if your goal is to own a dog to play with or just want a new dance partner, Dachshunds are a great choice for you.