Hope For Paws received a call about an abandoned dog who was visibly lonely and depressed. When rescuers arrived, they spotted the pup lying down on the sidewalk.

When they got close to her, they offered her some food. Instead of running away as they approached her, she took the food right from the rescuer’s hand. It was clear that, although she had been abandoned, she still had trust left for humans.

Youtube/Hope For Paws

They led the dog into a yard so that they could secure the area and assure they’d get ahold of her without her running into traffic. Once she followed them into the backyard, they put up a plastic fence to keep her in it.

The pup proved just how sweet she was, and plopped right down on the ground, allowing the rescuer to put the leash around her. They fed her some more cheeseburger before carrying her to the car.

Youtube/Hope For Paws

The first thing they did was scan for a microchip, but unfortunately, she didn’t have one. During the car ride to the animal hospital, she rolled on her back for some belly rubs. They decided to name this sweet pup ‘Cindy Lou.’

Once at the hospital, they gave her a much-needed bath and showered her with even more love. She had been waiting for this attention for so long, and finally, she’s getting it!

Youtube/Hope For Paws

After receiving medical care, Cindy Lou went to live with a foster. She’s enjoying the beginning of her new life! Now, the only thing left is for her to find a forever home. If you’re interested in adopting Cindy Lou, contact Smooch Pooch Rescue.