Some dogs just love their music. They dance, they sing, they wag their tails… but this DJ dog outspins them all. He follows along flawlessly, keeping up with his more experienced fellow DJ and owner on every scratch, spin and mix. Okay okay, maybe he has a little help, but still… it’s impressive stuff. Imagine booking this act for your next party or wedding. And imagine seeing your guests’ reactions when they look over at the DJ booth and see that little guy spinning their favorite tunes! Tell us that doesn’t bring the house down.

We’ve seen some pretty talented dogs in the world of music entertainment. For example, take this European foursome:

We have no idea what those costumes are all about, but we’re guessing it’s some kind of Scandinavian mountain clan thing.. either way, it’s working for this doggie band.

Switching to a more traditional genre, this pooch might be the canine reincarnation of Beethoven himself. And by Beethoven, we don’t mean the St. Bernard from the movie.

If you prefer more contemporary keyboards, watch this pug tickle the ivories like a boss:

Looks like he’s trying to singlehandedly revive the glory days of synthpop.

And maybe it’s time we dogs have a greater say in the music we listen to. Look, we love this stuff. It puts us right to sleep. But did you ever ask us what we want to listen to? Maybe if there were more DJ dogs out there, we’d be able to hear our own mix up the sounds we really love. It’s an experiment we’re more than willing to try. And we’re pretty sure we can get Dave to teach a few dogs to how to DJ like pros.

If dogs can play alpine pipes and accordions, play the piano and jam on the keyboards, who’s to say they can’t DJ? Let’s start the musical revolution.