Judith, formerly named Judas by her mean owners, spent the first 10 years of her life on a chain exposed to the elements and without ample food and water.

She was abused and neglected and didn’t know what it felt like to be loved. Neighbors even reported seeing the owners peeing on her from the porch.

Despite the neglect and abuse being reported several times, this carried on for years and years. The dog became weighed down as her fur collected clumps of mud and even her own feces.

Source: Animal Advocates

The local SPCA didn’t charge her owners with animal cruelty and offered to put Judith down for $50. The day before she would’ve been euthanized, rescuers from the Animal Advocates Society stepped in to save her life.

Poor Judith could barely walk due to her painful hips, and she was severely emaciated and dehydrated. Her new haircut revealed just how skinny she actually was. The dog was cleaned up and received a bit of TLC, and all it took was one couple who took one look at her and just had to have her!

Source: Animal Advocates

The old girl’s hips eventually gave out, so they got her a custom wheelchair to chase squirrels and play. On trips to the beach, she could go without the wheelchair and she had the time of her life! After 18 months, Judith crossed the rainbow bridge. Her life may have been tragic for a long time, but the love she found toward the end let her finally know what it was like to be a real dog. 🙂 May she rest in peace.