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Greatest Invention Ever Shows How to Teach A Dog to Fetch… ALL BY ITSELF!

With apologies to dogs everywhere, this might be man’s best friend. A clever engineer figured out how to teach a dog to fetch all by itself, and the result is epic. Here’s how it works.

The dog drops a ball in a funnel to get things started. He then has to press down on a see-saw lever contraption to launch the ball across the yard. .The happy pooch races off to collect his toy, brings it back and drops in the funnel again. And repeat.

It’s brilliant; it’s effective; and it will keep your dog occupied for hours and hours. In fact, we’re pretty sure this guy collapsed from exhaustion before giving up for the day. For any owner who gets tired of walking the dog, or who didn’t realize that he got a new best friend with way more energy than he expected, this invention is a must. It would be enough to just give owners a mechanism to launch the ball, so that all they would have to do is sit in a lounge chair and feed the ball into the funnel, but this guy taught his dog to take humans out of the equation completely. And that’s pretty darn cool.

More Awesome Dog Inventions

This contraption isn’t the only device that man has invented to keep his pet entertained. Here are a few other neat ways to distract us:

  • Interactive laser pet toys: gadgets like the FoliCat may seem like they were invented by a Bond villain, but they work! Those lasers will keep us happy for hours.
  • Automatic ball launchers: Devices like GoDogGo were designed by lazy people… and we thank them for it.
  • Drinking fountains for dogs: Pawcet is one of many self-starting water fountains that keep you from the tedious task of actually pouring water into your dog’s bowl.

It’s amazing how you humans come up with ways to make you have to do less to keep us happy. Keep it up!