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Mom Goes “Bang!” But What Her Dog Does Next is Awesome!

Remember when “play dead” was the trick. Okay, first there was fetch, then it was shake paws, and then it was play dead. Every dog knows the drill. We sit on command, then we lie down, and then when you say “play dead!” we roll over and lie still with our paws up in the air. This combination of moves usually ends in a treat or a belly rub, so it’s a win-win that we’re happy to be a part of, and it always makes our humans happy.

But now being dead isn’t enough. Now we have to wait until you “shoot” us with a handgun (literally) before we go down. And you know what? I think this might be our favorite dog trick yet. We only say that because there are at least a few dogs out there who feel that this trick is a true test of their acting abilities, and they have risen to the challenge like champs.

Exhibit 1 is Gracie the Dachshund, who came up with a running demise that, we have to admit, is pretty cool.

Exhibit 2  is this guy,  who not only holds his paws up like he’s surrendering, but then has an absolutely Oscar-worthy death scene when the “gun” goes off.

Exhibit 3? This video, in which Megabyte prolongs her suffering with an epic death scene of her own. First there’s the “What have you done?” pause for dramatic effect, followed by a slow collapse… it’s really quite good.

Which of these dogs knows how to play dead the best? Each of them brings their own flavor to the trick, and in our opinion, they’re all pretty cool.