The Dog Jumps on the Treadmill. What He Does Next? We’ve NEVER Seen That Before!

Have you ever placed a dog on a moving treadmill and seen what happens? We’re not sure if they realize they’re getting their cardio on, or if they just discovered the greatest walk ever, or if they simply can’t figure out why they’re moving but everything around them stays still.. but there’s a reason why dog on treadmill videos are becoming more and more popular.

This adorable bulldog is the latest to make an internet star of himself, because what he does on the treadmill is something we’ve never seen before. He doesn’t just run, or walk, or try his best to get off the darn thing. Nope, this guy wants to take his treadmill workout to a whole other level!

Check him out and let us know what you think of his treadmill antics.