You would think an award-winning deputy would know how to handle a neighbor’s dog who was barking and protecting his human’s property.

But this wasn’t the case with Bruno. This loyal German Shepherd was simply doing his job and being a good dog when he saw a stranger approach. Bruno barked a warning, but the stranger kept coming. And then the stranger shot him and left him to die. What’s unbelievable about this story is that the shooter in question was a decorated police deputy. He had been called to the neighborhood to check on a disturbance call and somehow ended up at the wrong house. Feeling threatened by Bruno, the officer decided the best course of action was to shoot him. Then he left a note for his owners, got back into his car and drove away. Here’s the deputy’s note.


He claimed on the note that he had been attacked, but a surveillance video showed otherwise. Bruno’s family came home to find their dog shot, crying and bleeding on their lawn. He was rushed to a veterinary hospital, where doctors saved his life. However, he needs a shoulder replacement or his front leg amputated… both costly procedures. As a final insult to injury, the sheriff’s office refused to pay for Bruno’s medical expenses. They defended the officer’s actions, and said they did not take the dog to the hospital because they were not a “dog ambulance service.”

Fortunately, there is some good news for this family. They set up a GoFundMe campaign to help them pay for their pup’s care, and they’ve already raised more than the $10,000 they hoped to get.