One Of These Dogs Is Extremely Jealous. The Other One? Just Look At His Face.

Ok, we need to know three things about this video. One, who was the genius who decided to create a DIY dog spa out of a tub, some dog shampoo and his bare hands? Two, where is it and how do we make an appointment? And Three, can we see a full spa menu, please?

Dogs and baths have had a long and mixed history. Some of us like them, others tolerate them, and a few treat them like this:

Then again, few dogs get treated to a dog bath like this one. This man is clearly a seasoned dog bather, because his shiatsu bathing technique looks effortless and well practiced. And the look of blissful relaxation on his golden retriever’s face says it all. Eyes closed, one paw languidly thrown over the edfe, a dreamy smile on her face… no wonder the other dog keeps hovering around, waiting for their turn.

Actually, we’re going to go ahead and guess that this rustic DIY dog spa hasn’t fully developed it’s menu as yet, so we’re going to give them a hand. Here are a few easy add-ons we recommend for this crafty entrepreneur and friend of dogs everywhere:

  • Mud Bath – Nothing could be easier. Let us roll around in the mud for a while… we’re sure it’s good for our skin!
  • Pawdicure – A basic service of every dog grooming service out there, and we have a feeling this guy’s a pro.
  • Salon Services – Cut, style and blow dry. We’re pretty sure he can do miracles with a pair of scissors.
  • Head massage – Take a look at this Husky’s face of “OMG this is amazing” and you’ll see how essential this is to any DIY dog spa:

Those are the easiest and quickest ways to turn a bathtub, grooming supplies and a few tools into an awesome DIY dog spa.