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What This Dog Does on this Talent Show BLOWS AWAY the Judges!

This isn’t the first time someone brought their dog to a talent show. And it isn’t the first time the pooch did well enough to impress the judges. But this might be the first time a dog sang a Whitney Houston song so comically well that it left at least one judge in tears and half the audience holding their stomachs to keep their ribs from cracking.

Lady Xena gives it her all in this epic performance. Her accompanying howls to Whitney’s iconic “I Will Always Love You” brought the house down on Belgium’s Got Talent. She’s almost completely in sync with the legendary singer, and we think she has just as much vocal range… (okay maybe not, but she’s still pretty good). And we absolutely LOVE the Showtime smile she gives the judges at 1:12 of the video.

Dogs have done very well for themselves on talent shows. You’ve probably heard of the talented and athletic Olate Dogs, whose tricks helped them win America’s Got Talent’s seventh season. And Ashleigh and Pudsey captured the hearts of millions of people around the world with their dance routines on Britain’s Got Talent. How do they stack up against Lady Xena? If we’re going to be completely honest, we’d have to say that the singing sensation isn’t quite as skilled as these other contestants. But there’s no doubt that she was the funniest pooch on stage.

Enjoy this talented dog howl out an amazing performance and see if you think it’s enough to make her Belgium’s Most Talented contestant!