A group of dogs were put in the garage while their human mom got a fun surprise ready for her pooches.

Easter egg hunts are a tradition well known all over the world, but most of the time it’s kids running around looking for goodie-filled eggs.

One woman decided to apply the same fun concept for her (many) dogs. She decided four-legged family members also deserved something special on Easter, and she filled a whole bunch of eggs with dog treats before hiding them in extremely plain sight. Once the treats were all set up, she let all of her dogs into the house for an awesome party that we can’t wait to try next Easter.

It took the pooches a minute to get into the living room, which was covered in doggie-approved Easter eggs, but once they got there, the party got into full swing.

The dogs went nuts breaking the eggs trying to get the treats out. Some of them, Romeo and Bruno, were new to the idea and were just having a ball eating the plastic eggs.

While we don’t recommend that your dogs chew on the plastic eggs, the idea was a sweet one. The dogs seemed to really be enjoying the Easter egg hunt. A cool surprise party like that really keeps the dogs on their “toes.”

We can’t wait to see what she has planned for the dogs on Thanksgiving.