The Dodo put together an exceptional video that showcases shelter dogs and their reactions once they realize they’ve been adopted. The dogs are so happy to see their new moms and dads and being free from the shelter life. It is so inspiring and uplifting,  that I’m tempted to get into my car right now and adopt another dog! Yes, you’ve been warned! It’s that amazing!

As dog lovers, we can’t help but see those wagging tails and happy faces and think to ourselves “Wow, those moments must be the highlights of their doggy lives.” It’s like falling in love but with your very own family that chose YOU!

Sharing this video will remind your friends and family of the importance of adoption. Shelters and rescue organizations are chock full of animals who need homes. Loving, deserving, sweet animals. This is also a reminder to always spay/neuter your pet. There aren’t enough homes as it is for the animals that are already here!

I love seeing this video and you will too! ALL animals deserve to feel this good! Consider opening your home and your heart to one more! Because life is all about love, not metal cages!