No Time to Walk Your Pup? Technology To the Rescue!

We know you love your dog but sometimes, life just gets in the way and you’re too busy to give it a proper walk. Well, the solution to your problems may well be in development. If you have no time to walk the dog, you might be able to turn to technology for help!

That’s what designer Jeff Myers did. He used a helicopter drone to take the dog out… and guess what?? The drone is controlled by an app on a smartphone! See what most viewers thought of this idea!


2 replies on “No Time to Walk Your Pup? Technology To the Rescue!”

now if this was done with a three year old lab I’d be impressed. but older dog …not really allot of challenge …not really that impressive.

If you are too lazy to walk your damn dog then you don’t need a dog.
What if that thing malfunctions? Or it goes to high and your dog begins to choke?
No go for me.

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