Last year, a puppy was abandoned on Shane Godfrey’s front porch. Since then, Shane and the pup have become totally inseparable.

Shane named him Willie and the pair pretty much do everything together. Then, sadly, tragedy struck, driving the pair apart. Shane came down with the flu, then complications landed him in the hospital. The flu developed into double pneumonia which led to kidney failure, sepsis and encephalitis. Who knew if Shane would even survive! For 5 long weeks, Shane struggled, and in the process lost 50 pounds.


But, thankfully, fate had other plans for Shane. He began to improve! Shane’s health didn’t just take a toll on him. His family suffered from his absence as well. Willie missed his dad dearly.


Shane’s sister took Willie in, but of course, Willie didn’t understand where his dad had gone. Did he abandon him? Was he ever coming back? It was heartbreaking not being able to explain the circumstances to Willie, but the family did the best that they could.


Shane’s homecoming was a BIG DEAL! Although he looked like a totally different person, he was definitely Shane. The problem was: Willie’s eyes couldn’t conceive what he was seeing. Who was really in front of him. But then THIS HAPPENED! (Play video below!)


Willie’s nose came through like a champ! Shane was so grateful, that although Willie’s uncertainty was totally understandable, a dog’s nose never lies! Now Willie is REALLY attached to his human, rarely letting Shane out of his sight.