Dogs have a really bad poker face. When they get caught you can see their guilt instantly, although we suspect the cute face they make is all part of their plan to escape punishment.

For the most part, you can always count on a really good reaction from a guilty dog. These pooches are no different.

The first culprit is a Golden Retriever. The guilty party just destroyed a seat cushion on the couch. To make things worse, this very cute dog is laying in the spot where the cushion used to be. And the dog’s face is just adorable when asked if he had any remorse.

Some dogs use a better a approach

After spilling a lot of dirt all over the place, this pooch has the right idea; he hid behind a curtain so his owners couldn’t find him. When he was finally caught, he started looking cute real fast – always a good strategy. His buddy, however, has a lot of practicing to do.

In another case, the suspect’s owners come home to see garbage spilled all across the kitchen floor. The guilty party was an extremely cute beagle balled up on a chair. The look that little guy gave was enough to get him a pardon in our book.

These dogs just look plain guilty

Take this hilarious boxer. She stood just right around the corner from the scene of the crime. Boxers have a lot of energy and love to run and jump around, but this particular dog just sat calmly by the wall. That’s already a sign of trouble. You know the famous saying: “things are too quiet.”

Hiding is always a good idea if you don’t want to get caught, but our German Shepherd buddy took the wrong approach. When questioned over who tore up the sheets on the bed he took off and hid in the shower. Next time he should hide before he gets questions. Hilarious.

Last, but not least, when a pair of dogs were asked who peed in the house, one took off running through the doggy door. Busted! He forgot the golden rule: Deny! Deny! Deny!