Warning: we are not liable for any injuries sustained due to excessive laughing caused by this video.

It’s a well known fact that most dogs don’t like their paws touched or grabbed. And they most definitely do not like booties, especially the first time they try them on. The result is truly hilarious.

While we know they don’t like them, the reaction each one of these funny dogs have are all a little different.

Take our fellow pug, for example. She uses the amazing leg kick technique. She walks like she’s had one too many drinks at the bar. It’s safe to say she looks absolutely hilarious.

Meanwhile, the Miniature Pinscher takes an awesomely awkward approach to trying out her new booties. The one-leg-off-the-ground technique is a sure-fire way to look like a crazy dog on the street.

While those are very funny, what some of these other guys do isn’t just funny, it’s actually quite impressive.

The bootie handstand seems to be a doggie favorite. They get so freaked out by their new shoes that they do a handstand everywhere they go. If that happened to us, there’s no way we could pull off that move!

Going back to our friend the pug, she was a special case. Not only did she do the weird kick technique, she also mixed in a healthy amount of handstand. We call that move “double trouble.”

When one of these funny dogs finally gets a hang of wearing their booties, they get put on ice. That’s a cold move by their owners… pun intended.