Nothing can prepare you for something like this, even if it’s your job and you’ve seen it dozens of times. For The Humane Society, rescues like this one will stick with them forever, inspiring them to continue with their rescue missions.



But I’m sure that their hearts break every time. Maybe it’s because of the smell, the extreme conditions, or the dogs’ overwhelming cries for help.



In Georgia, more than 400 animals were saved from a puppy mill. The conditions were disgusting! The floors were covered in feces and urine. The dogs were so badly matted, they could hardly walk. Some, with rotted teeth so painful they couldn’t even eat. They didn’t even look like dogs anymore. The images are BEYOND painful to look at.



But they were saved! Thankfully! Then, the dogs were evaluated and tended to. They felt human touch for the very first time. After the ordeal, 11 of the dogs were taken to foster homes with the help of Flori-Bama Chihuahua Rescue. Many of the dogs were too timid to leave their crates, even with the doors open.

But with all of the challenges, will come small miracles. It may take a long time before the dogs are ready to be placed in loving forever homes but NO ONE is giving up on them. To come as far as they did, to suffer all that they have, if any dog deserves a happy life, it is these dogs!