This German Shepherd Does Chores Around The House!

The saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” falls short when you see what this guy does for his family. Sometimes owners look at their dogs and jokingly say, “Why don’t you get up and do some chores?” Well, Baron the German shepherd took that sentiment to heart and got to work.

This wonderful pooch was caught doing what every dog owner dreams of: loading clothes into the washing machine like a proper gentleman who helps out around the house! I’m sure his owners, or at the very least the person that does the laundry, couldn’t be happier.

One less thing to do around the house.

Not only does this German shepherd put the clothes into the washer, but you can see he is very gentle with them as well. Baron is obviously smart, so with that in mind, we started thinking of other things that this guy can learn to do around the house.

    • Put brushes on his paws and scrub the floors clean.
    • Lick the windows clean in the house or lick the dishes clean (we bet he’d love that one).
    • Dusting under the tables (isn’t that what a tail is for??)
    • Get out of the house for some yardwork; he could be in charge of weeding the garden.
    • What this guy does every day except Sunday.

In all seriousness, German shepherds are extremely smart dogs. Their smarts and work ethic make these guys wonderful pets, incredible soldiers, loyal police dogs and devSoted bodyguards. Are we really surprised that they’ll also do the laundry? Nah.